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  • Sales of Functional Materials and parts
    Functional textile materials for clothing
    We are dealing with Nikko Textile's functional materials such as weaving yarns, knitting yarns, apparel fabrics.

    [Karl Karl] - Light weight wool yarn
    Karl Karl is a new type of wool yarn. This yarn has unique characteristics; it is soft, light weight(30% lighter than general yarn), warm and elastic. Karl Karl was developed by using I.S.T's unique spinning technology. Karl Karl enables that you offer new clothing which is lighter than traditional 100% wool clothing.
  • Knit items (EX. sweater)
  • Jackets, coats, etc.

  • [Carmen] - Light weight cotton yarn
    "Carmen" is the innovative light-weight cotton yarn from I.S.T. Lighter in weight yet richer in volume, this original cotton yarn was developed by I.S.T, the maker of "Karl Karl" wool yarn, by using similar spinning technologies. "Carmen" yarn has a unique airy structure, which enables the material to have more volume in lighter weight and to have a very soft texture. In addition, it is highly water-absorbent and dries quicker than traditional cotton yarns.
  • French terry fabric using "Carmen" (Soft touch and light weight)

  • [Kit Fit] - Unique strech wool yarn
    I.S.T developed a unique stretch wool yarn, Kit Fit. This stretch wool yarn has evenly rounded shape, and has a glossy surface. As a result, you can get a exclusive stylish women's apparel by using the fabric which is woven with kit Fit.
    Compared to the general stretch yarn, the Kit Fit has the elastic fiber in the core of the yarn, therefore the Kit Fit fabric realize the smooth beautiful texture. Kit Fit is the excellent material especially for the women's pants.
  • Electron micrograph of a Kit Fit fablic
     The Smooth beautiful textured stretch wool fabric

  • [Night Light] - Super thin wool yarn
    I.S.T has put our best effort into developing unexplored super fine wool yarn (Two folded yarn 2/200), Night Light. Night Light makes fine-grained, thin, light wool fabric as delicate as fairy wings, expanding the potential of new apparel design.
  • Macro photography of Night Light fabric with needle
     The thin beautiful wool fabric