• Environmental Activities
  • We, SAKANE SANGYO are conducting business activities in order to contribute the society as an environmentally friendly company.
    We think it is important for world's children and our own that we protect the earth environment over the future with a global perspective.
  • We have obtained the international standard for environmental management systems
  • In 2008, we obtained ISO 14001 and JIS 14001:2004 certifications to conduct business activities as an environmentally friendly company.

  • Environmental policy of SAKANE SANGYO

  • We aim a company that is recognized in society always to have a strong responsibility and mission.
    At the same time, we will continue to make efforts to take over the beautiful environment to the next generation in all business activities as a member of global companies.
    1. We will observe to environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and the other requirements which we have agreed. At the same time, we strive to prevent environmental pollution by grasping and evaluating the environmental impact that our business activities cause.
    2. Along our environmental policy, we will set the purpose and goal of environmental activities, which is feasible technically and economically. Then we aim to periodic review and continuous improvement, about our environmental conservation activities.
    3. Through our business, we improve the following activities.
    - Saving resources and energy
    - Green procurement
    - Sales promotion of environment-friendly products
    - Improvement of customer satisfaction
    4. Through environmental education and environmental awareness campaigns, we will well-known our environmental policy to all our company members and all of our cooperation companies and suppliers.
    We publish this environmental policy also to the general public as a general rule.

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