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    High heat resistance, high-performance polyimide resin varnish [Pyre-M.L.] [SKYBOND]
    Polyimide is a super engineering plastics. We are selling of the polyimide varnish (Viscous liquid).

    Pyre-ML is a polyamic acid solution (varnish). This varnish will become polyimide resin by heat curing. Polyimide has the highest level of heat resistance (over 400 C) in plastics. And it has also many excellent characteristics. Pyre-ML have been used in the manufacture of heat-resistant tube and various heat-resistant insulation coatings primarily.
  • Electric wire enamel coatings
  • Polyimide Tubes, etc.

    SKYBOND is the polyimide varnish that was developed for heat-resistant composite member used in aircrafts. By composing with this resin and glass fiber or carbon fiber, lightweight, high-strength, heat-resistant aircrafts are achieved.
    SKYBOND is a super engineering plastic that are used in various fields such as defense and space sector applications and heat-resistant members of the aircrafts.
  • heat-resistant composites of the aircraft