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  • Sales Dept. 1 - Parts for Copiers & Printers
  • Sales of Functional Materials and parts
    High-performance parts for copiers and printers, such as tubes and belts
    We are selling a wide variety of special parts for copiers and printers, such as toner fixing tubes and intermediate transfer belts. these parts were developed for the specification of each customers by I.S.T.

    Poryimide toner fixing tube
    This is a seamless polyimide tube for toner fixing. This tube was achieved laser printer that can be used immediately after turned on its power. And Its power consumption has become one-tenth as compared with the printer using a metal roller.
  • Black and white laser printers

  • Polyimide intermediate transfer belt
    This polyimide's intermediate transfer belt is seamless large caliber belt for color laser printers. This belt realize the same speed as the black-and-white laser printer by transferring the toner of four colors to the paper at a same time. it also realize the high quality printing by the dimensional stability of polyimide. In addition the electrical resistance of this belt is precisely controlled to accommodate this usage.
  • Color laser printers

  • Three layer toner fixing tube for color printers
    This is a three-layer seamless tube to be used for toner fixing of color laser printers. This tube is the functional parts that have been developed by combining the technology of I.S.T which consisting of polyimide layer, silicone rubber layer, fluororesin layer.
  • Color laser printers