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  • 沿革
    Our history

    In 1804 Buhei Yorozuya who is the founder of Sakane Family started a copper and brass casting business in Nagahoribashi(in Osaka, Japan).

    In 1937 Sakane Metal Commerce and Industry Co., Ltd. was established by obtaining investment from Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo wire mills, Ltd. (Current Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)

    In 1946 The last Kenzo Sakane left the Sumitomo Electric Industries, And he newly established Sakane Sangyo Co. by changing the trade name of Sakane Metal Commerce and Industry Co. (Current Techno Associe Co. Ltd.. Formerly Toyo Bussan Co., Ltd.)

    In 1947 Kenzo Sakane founded the Yamashina Precision Industries Co. And he retired in 1971.

    In 1976 Kansai Seikosha the origin of the current Sakane Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established.

    In 1980 Formerly Sakane Sangyo Co. renamed to Toyo Bussan Co.
    Current Sakane Sangyo Co. was established. And Kanasai Seikosha was absorbed.

    In 1981 Capital stock was increased to 70 million yen.

    In 1985 Kenzo Sakane has resigned as the president, and he was appointed Chairman of the Board.
    Susumu Sakane was inaugurated as the president.

    In 1990 Tokyo branch was opened.

    In 1996 S.S.K.Co,. Ltd was established in New Jersey as a independent corporation

    In 2005 S.S.K.Hong Kong was established in Hong Kong.

    In 2007 We had set up a liaison office of S.S.K Hong Kong in Vietnam.
    The same year, we obtained ISO 14001 and JIS 14001:2004 certifications.

    In 2012 Toshiya Sakane was inaugurated as the president of S.S.K. Hong Kong.

    In 2016 Susumu Sakane has resigned as the president, and he was appointed Chairman of the Board.
    Toshiya Sakane was inaugurated as the president.
    Shinji Ieshiro was inaugurated as the vice president.

    Mission Statement and Management Policy

    Mission Statement We become the company accepted from social through improving our lives by our own work.

    Management Policy Always earn the trust of customer by focusing on credit and law, and obtain a stable business.
    Always aim the goal with all members work together by having a strong responsibility and sense of mission.
    Always have a strong vitality. And always challenge to all things with a passion and enthusiasm.
    Always strive to the development of our company with a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity by using our all wisdom,
    by respecting and trusting each other.
    Always don't forget the feeling of gratitude. And complete the work quickly and in a timely manner by maintain a healthy body and vitality.
    Always try to have good friends, colleagues, entourages who will tell us honest advices, and teachers who will tell us various principles.
    Always hone your own capability and cultivate your own creativity and foresight. And then become attractive person with a sense of modern needs.
    Always increase the trust from your family and strive to construct a harmonious and happy family.