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  • Sales Dept. 2 - Storage Furniture
  • Housing equipments and Custom-made furniture (* Available only in Japan)
    Custom-made plywood storage furniture with various surface materials. (Available only in Japan)
    We will provide the custom-made furniture according to the space size or your order.

    The foyer storage rack for the condominium
    We propose a variety of the built-in storage for around the foyer of condominium rooms depending on its space size. You can choose the surface finishing materials and metal fittings from a variety of options.

  • You can also freely design partition.

  • The storage rack for the washroom
    We undertake the order furniture construction and various original storage shelves to make effective use of dead space. We mainly use melamine veneer, polyester veneer, and olefin sheet as the surface finishing material for these furniture.

  • The washroom storage utilizing the gap